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Personal Injury

A personal injury includes the negligence of a second entity and comprises to be an important aspect of law. The lawsuits for financial compensation of damages such as medical expenses can extend and cause discomfort. We at Louis Kennedy Solicitors are here to make your experience better. Our team of renowned personal injury solicitors can assist you with the most complex personal injury cases. With our rich experience, we can be your partner is fighting for the claim you deserve. Our team of solicitors is equipped with all the legal knowledge required to take a fair stand against insurance agencies and other involved third parties. We are here to protect your legal rights and drive the way ahead for you. 

Vehicle accidents

We offer assistance for 

  • Car and road accidents claim
  • Car and whiplash claims
  • Motorbike and bicycle injury claims 

The insurance companies tend to overlook your interest and maximize their profit. A personal injury demands compensation on various fronts including medical cost, emotional distress, and loss of wages. Many times the clients are unaware of all the claims they can make, resulting in their overall loss. Filing the right lawsuit in such personal injuries is the first step. You can connect with us to understand the legalities involved in filing claims. Our expert accident attorneys will make your legal process smooth by guiding you at every step. 


Accidents in unsafe premises

This includes:

  • Accidents at work
  • Criminal injuries
  • Industrial accidents
  • Office accidents
  • Slips and trips in public places

Unsafe premises can be a case of negligence at varied levels. There can be a variety of conditions such as negligent security and animal attack which are very different from each other. Different causes and nature of injuries need to be dealt with differently. Our experts will study your case in detail to make a valid premises liability claim. They will help you get the compensation you truly deserve. 


Why us?

  • We offer a detailed assessment of every case with the minutest of detail into consideration. We will make you understand how your claim will unfold and let you visualize all the possibilities. We will guide you at every step and clarify all your queries to stay on the same page in every process of the claim. 
  • We understand that dealing with a lawsuit can be stressful. We provide our clients with a dedicated attorney who has in-depth knowledge of the law. You can contact them at any time with your queries and stay stress-free. With us, you get zero waiting time and immediate attention. 
  • Our team of experts is experienced in their respective fields. The attorneys can efficiently fight for all the claims including medical bills, lost income, emotional distress, future medical care, future loss of earning, pain, and suffering. You can stay assured to get the best advice as well as compensation.   


Contact us today to get the best legal advice for any type of personal injury.