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We as educated society are growing as individuals as well as global citizens. The demand for legitimate immigration is escalating with our efforts to dissolve the territorial boundaries and achieve a global connection. We at Louis Kennedy Solicitors understand that immigration is a vital part of your growth. We are here to provide you sophisticated UK immigration services. Our experts have invested time in extensively understanding UK immigration laws. We have a dedicated team that consistently updates us with changes in immigration laws. We have prepared a very systematic  and affordable process of completing the immigration in a hassle-free way. 

Our immigration consultants are a pioneer in various immigration issues. With our varied and extensive experience, we provide an end-to-end service. At Louis Kennedy Solicitors, we are committed to assisting you till the completion of the process in the best possible way. 

Our services

We offer a broad range of immigration services to the UK. 

  • Visa 

Some of the visa options provided by us include visa for

  • Tier 1 applications and extensions
  • Tier 2(general, sportsperson, ministers of religion, and intra-company transfers)
  • Tier 4(students)
  • Tier 5
  • For family members for dependents
  • Business and family visitors
  • Domestic workers
  • Representatives of overseas newspapers and broadcasting organizations
  • Sole representatives of overseas forms
  1. Immigration applications

We have a team of the best immigration consultants who can assist you in dealing with a myriad of applications associated with UK immigration. Our team can provide services for immigration applications related to 

  • Asylum and human right matters
  • Bail applications
  • An injunction (for illegal immigrants facing deportation)
  • Litigation in immigration tribunals and higher courts
  • Marriage (inclusive of the Civil Partnership Act)
  • Medical 
  • Exercising of home office discretionary powers
  • Upper Tribunal Matter
  1. Nationality 

Our legal experts can help you establish your foothold in the UK legally. We deal with immigration applications related to 

  • British Nationality
  • UK ancestry


Why us?

We at Louis Kennedy Solicitors understand the immigration complexities. We offer:

  • End-to-end assistance

We have a dedicated team to strengthen client relationships. Our experts will guide you across the entire process of immigration application. We can be your best strategic partner, always available for your needs.

  • Expertise

We assist businesses at the national and international level in all the matters related to UK visas and immigration. We have experts in all the domains from human rights to citizenship. Our team keeps updating its knowledge repository about UK immigration laws and changes in it.

  • Online presence

We have an online presence with all the relevant web-based tools and e-services. You can always connect with us online for consultation and availing of our services at your convenience. 

  • Global approach

Our international network helps our clients to expand their businesses globally. We can provide you with every service and resource to manage your international presence. Our policies and services are developed to cater to clients of any size and profile.