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Family Law

Family law is the legal stance of solving disputes in a family. Disputes involving family law can be very complicated and consuming. Every case involves several elements and relations which at times take a very sensitive turn. A very realistic and sensitive approach is required to deal with such cases. An in-depth understanding of the long-term implications of the step needs to be taken into account. 

We at Louis Kennedy solicitors have a distinguished team of legal experts who have rich experience in family matters. We look at every case from a fresh stance. With every new case, we start a new cycle of legal proceedings. Initiating with the problem statement, our first approach is towards settlement. Our solicitors try their best to find a middle way to close the family matter at the earliest with the best interests of both the parties into consideration. We reach out to every individual associated with the case in different capacities. If there is no settlement, then we take the inputs from different legal entities such as enforcement officers and welfare authorities to file the necessary motion. 

Our services

We offer the following services in family law:

  • Cohabitation
  • Compromise agreement
  • Divorce
  • Financial remedy proceeding
  • Injunction

Why us?

  • A practical yet sensitive approach

Our lawyers provide a first-class service to our clients encompassing every level of complications in the case. Divorce cases can turn highly sensitive and extended, especially if it involves child custody. As leading family lawyers, we initiate a process of discussions to curtail any such unexpected extensions of the proceedings. We brainstorm ideas to come up with practical solutions. Our solicitors give due considerations to your emotional well-being by ensuring comprehensive assessment and earliest hearings. 

  • Comprehensive end-to-end support

We take pride in our team of family law experts who are very experienced. With their diverse knowledge, they will prove to be your support first and then a guide. At the very initial stage of proceedings, we will give you a walkthrough of all possible outcomes. At every step, we will keep you in the loop of discussions about the strategies and approaches that can act in your favor. We handle every case with sensitivity and discretion keeping your unique needs and circumstances in consideration. The attorneys of Louis Kennedy Solicitors are dedicated to assisting the individual and families in every possible way to move the case ahead and resolve it peacefully. 

  • Expertise

We offer a combination of experience and specialist knowledge of family law to provide every assistance in family dispute cases. Our solicitors progress in a very systematic way towards effective and profitable resolution of the case. The extensive and varied experience of our attorneys allows them to introspect the weak spots of the case and work on them.

With an excellent client satisfaction rate, Louis Kennedy Solicitors is one of the most sought after law firms for family disputes. Contact us today to get the best solicitors’ work for you.