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As individuals, we come across various types of criminal activities. Our knowledge is limited to our encounters with criminal offenses. People are generally unaware of the diversity in criminal laws. We are here to inform you about the gray areas of criminal laws. We are aware that criminal activities can take place in professional as well as personal space and can be very surprising. A miscalculated moment of negligence can land you into trouble. Any type of criminal activity is punishable. Being an accused in any criminal investigation can be very risky, demanding preventive actions to be taken at the earliest. You can reach out to us if you are accused of any criminal activity. Louis Kennedy Solicitors are specialized in every kind of criminal law to deal with exaggerated criminal prosecutions and save you.

Engagement in any criminal investigation, from any side, requires prompt effective defense. Our firm is based on the belief that every case is different. We conduct a thorough investigation to understand the case in depth. We are committed to providing creative and effective solutions that can produce fast results. We identify the strengths of the client and weaknesses in the case to develop a strong case. Our legal experts have enriched experience of the organizational structures of police stations, magistrate courts, and crown courts. We are aware of the proceedings on a different type of criminal case. 

Our Services:

We assist criminal offense related to:

  • Murder and manslaughter
  • Drugs
  • Assault
  • Money laundering
  • Benefit fraud
  • Health and safety
  • Regulatory offenses
  • Serious crime 
  • Sexual crime
  • Fraud and Theft
  • Bribery and corruption case
  • Driving offense 
  • Confiscation proceedings


Why Us?

  • A customized criminal defense team

We take every case differently. After a detailed study of the criminal proceeding, we allocate a customized team of solicitors who are experts in different aspects related to the case. We cover every component of the case including financial supervision, police department, and all other relevant authorities. With vast legal talent and expert resources, we will provide you with the best legal team to handle your case. 

  • Expertise in handling complex legal risk

Criminal cases are becoming more diverse and complicated. We ensure improved transparency and compliance for every case. Our solicitors have vast experience in different domains of non-compliance, irregularities, unfair and negligent practices. Our team of experts will highlight every weak point of the case to convert it into strength and act in your favor. We have an extensive and rich history of representing white-collar criminal cases, making us an ideal law firm to represent every kind of legal action. 

With us, you can tread ahead in a processed and affordable way. You can trust us with costing and proceedings. We take pride in having the best criminal consultants who have extensive experience in criminal cases. Our offerings are based on the requirements of the individual case. Contact us today to get the best legal counsel for your criminal proceedings.