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A leading law firm based in the UK with operations also in India, Louis Kennedy Solicitors offers exceptional yet affordable legal services in immigration, employment, personal injury, personal affairs, and various other areas of law.

Our team of dedicated, experienced and ethical lawyers working based in East Midlands. We have a strong understanding of international business dealing with a range of complex legal matters.

Corporate Services

Corporate Law

As a business owner or investor, the fine print of any corporate deal you make will affect your shareholders, employees and potential for growth and success.

Business Crime

We bring businesses clarity when it comes to fraud, investigations, compliance, prosecutions and financial crime.

Commercial Litigation

Disputes are an inevitable part of commercial life. They have the potential to hinder commercial goals, progress and damage reputation.

Our Expertise

Louis Kennedy Solicitors understand the immigration complexities. We offer:

End-to-end assistance

Our team strengthens client relationships. Experts will guide you across the entire process of immigration application and be your best strategic partner, always at your disposal.


We assist businesses at the national and international level in all the matters related to UK visas and immigration. Having experts in all the domains from human rights to citizenship, our team keeps updating its knowledge repository about UK immigration laws and changes in it.

Online presence

We have an online presence with all the relevant web-based tools and e-services. You can always connect with us online for consultation and availing of our services at your convenience.

Global approach

Our international network helps our clients to expand their businesses globally. We can provide you with every service and resource to manage your international presence. Our policies and services are developed to cater to clients of any size and profile.

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